Locating a Criminal Solicitor for Representation

When you get arrested for a crime, you have certain rights that are allowed to you by law. One of your rights is to defend yourself and seek representation if the police are detaining you. It is important to hire a criminal lawyer you can trust to defend you in order to achieve the best possible outcome if the case goes to trial.

Locating a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Finding a Solicitor

If you don’t already have a lawyer that you can trust, you can contact the Law Society to help you find legal representation. However, you do not want to hire the first person you contact. Instead, you will want to find a solicitor who is qualified to help you specifically.

Qualifications for a Solicitor

Along with being registered with the Law Society, a good criminal lawyer will also be a member of the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme. Solicitors who are members have proven through examinations and to the Law Society that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to practice criminal law. In addition, being a member of this scheme allows them to be duty solicitors for people who need legal aid assistance.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority also regulates qualified solicitors. This organisation regulates the conduct of solicitors in both England and Wales. You can contact the Law Society to find out whether a lawyer has these qualifications or not.

Area of Practice

It is important that the solicitor you hire for representation is experienced in the specific area of law and in the courts in which your case will be tried. A solicitor that handles drunk driving offences probably will not handle matters pertaining to sexual assault or domestic violence, so you need to hire an expert who can help you personally. In addition, you will want to hire a lawyer who has experience in the court of law in which your case will be tried, whether that is the Magistrate’s Court, the Crown Court, or the Court of Appeal.

When searching for criminal defense lawyers in Syracuse, it is always a good idea to look into the firm for which they work. Check with the Law Society and SRA to make sure that the firm is a member and regulated by both of these organisations. Always check for complaints, because if the firm has had problems with professional conduct, then you should be careful about hiring solicitors who work for them.

Discuss Funding

Although your main concern may be staying out of prison, you will want to discuss funding options with solicitors. If you cannot afford their fees, they probably will not take your case, so before you get too involved in explaining your circumstances, discuss their fees to see if you can afford them. This will prevent you from explaining everything multiple times, only to have to find another solicitor because the fees are too high.

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