7 Common Worker’s Compensation Questions Answered

While appealing against denial of worker’s compensation, you must have necessary awareness about its procedures. Many questions may crop up in your mind about worker’s compensation claim procedures. In this article we will try to answer few of them.

Worker's Compensation Lawyer with a Client

1. What actions are required when I am injured on the job?

As soon as you are injured, you need to do following:

  • Report the matter to your direct supervisor immediately.
  • Visit a doctor and obtain his report
  • Ask for claim form for worker’s compensation.

Many people often sit with their claim form and fail to submit it within time. Delay in reporting often leads to denial, unless you can prove with your medical report that you are physically not in a position to submit your claim.

2. Is it necessary to take treatment from company Doctor only?

You may visit your company Doctor for initial treatment or first aid. You can continue with him if you think that you are getting proper relief with his treatment. You can always exercise your choice to go to any Doctor of your choosing too.

3. What are benefits that I am entitled?

You are eligible for following benefits:

  • Medical treatment – Insurance Company will bear total expenses of the treatment till you are fully recovered.
  • Disability payments – If you are physically unfit to do your job then your lost wages will be compensated.
  • Settlement of permanent disability – If any part of your body is permanently damaged, then you can apply for compensation.
  • Rehabilitation – If your injury causes some problem that may prevent to do your present job then you are eligible for paid training for new employment.
4. Who will pay me my compensation?

Usually people think that state is going to pay the compensation, but it is usually the insurance companies who pay for it. Therefore, every employer needs to insure their workers while hiring them for employment.

5. Will I be fired from job by claiming compensation?

If you are temporarily disabled due to injury and under compensation, then employer may not terminate your service. However, if you are permanently disabled or there is business necessity, then employer can hire temporary employee.

6. What will happen if I am unable to do my present job after recovery?

Your employer may provide you alternative job, may be with reduced pay based on the job. If you refuse that job, then insurance company will not be responsible for providing training for alternate job. However, if employer cannot provide alternate job then insurance company can bear the training cost for your alternate employment.

If any of my injury is overlooked by me then what should I do?

Following types of injuries may be often overlooked by many employees.

  • Hearing loss
  • Lung problem
  • Heart problem
  • Hand injuries
  • Hernias or back pain
  • Eye injury

Most of these are usually covered by insurance companies but if it isn’t than you may need to consult with your lawyer.

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